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Seeking New High Risk Merchant Account Reps

We specialize in high risk merchant accounts (adult,gaming, telemarketing, herbal, online pharmacies, etc.). We work with over 20 different sources of processing (US banks, Offshore banks, 3rd party processors, ACH processors, check drafting, etc.).

This individual should have several years of experience in the bankcard industry. Preferably High Risk, but not necessarily high risk merchant accounts.

Please email resume to High Risk Credit Card Processor at or call 877-460-8472.

High Risk Credit Card Processor ( in merchant services for high-risk and high-volume merchants (mail order, telephone order, adult websites, online gambling sites,outbound telemarketing, travel, telecom, timeshares, viagra/herbal supplements, online pharmacies, subscription / membership services,tickets, multi-level marketing, companies facing high chargebacks, etc.).

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High Risk Credit Card Processors
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