Telephone Order Merchant Account


What is meant by telephone order merchant account?
Telephone order merchant account is the type of merchant
accounts a business owner can apply for from the bank to accept
credit card as payment mode.

More likely it is a contract between a bank and business owner
with some set of rules about how the product or services are
sold to the customers.



  • One of the major benefits of telephone order merchant
    account is it the secure and fast mode of payment though
    fees for credit card processing is higher due to the need of
    taking two step actions; one is to process a card and other
    is the higher risk of fraud.
  • An internet based business needs an telephone order
    merchant account. Customer who comes to the but product of
    the business fills out credit card information in to a form
    available on a website, where the data is sent for
    verification and money is then abstracted from the account
  • Many people are of the opinion that its very hard to get
    telephone order merchant accounts for a newly established
    business. This is absolutely wrong! May telephone order
    merchant accounts offers 98% acceptance rates of application
  • It is very expensive for the small businesses to get a
    telephone order merchant accounts as the banks offering such
    accounts charge an annual fee in addition to per transaction
    fee. But with the increase and demand of such merchant
    accounts most of the banks eliminated the per transaction
    fees and also reduces their merchant account opening dues.
  • The success rate of business nowadays depends upon the
    ability to accept credit cards. The statistics have clearly
    shown that websites like shopping carts are considered
    successful as they offer their customers to shop using their
    credit cards in a secure environment online, they do not
    have to check a mail or wait for a payment to clear before
    their items are shipped.

    Businesses own telephone merchant accounts; accepts credit
    cards for payment processing as compared with the companies
    that do not fully accept can be differentiated by the per
    annum sales revenue.

  • Telephone order merchant account is a great tool that
    should be used to increase sales and in turn the
    profitability of the business.
  • Businesses having a telephone order merchant account
    will never have to worry about a higher rate for transaction
    that might occur while accepting credit cards/ debit cards
    from the customer.
  • Provides faster check out time, no need of customer to
    wait for a receipt to print.
  • Increases customer loyalty with the business as each
    prefers the respective business for purchasing items.


    It is an important task to find an appropriate telephone order
    merchant account for your business. A low cost merchant account
    opens many new e-commerce horizons and valuable position for
    your business. Studies and reviews about the plastic card
    payment mode tend to shop often and spend more… today’s business
    demand is to make use of this tactic more!

    Where credit card processing required, best telephone merchant
    account is one that help your business develop its potential;
    Your business is too valuable to take chance on losing all with
    an unknown underwriter who may be here today and gone tomorrow,
    so hold out to find the very best merchant account.

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